Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Is Kylie Jenner Launching Nail Products? All Signs Point To Yes

There are some important questions that remain unanswered in this world: Will Big Little Lies return..

Starbucks Will Roll Out Uber Eats Delivery Across The U.S. By 2020

Your days of having to drive or walk to get your Starbucks fix are numbered. The company announced today that by early 2020, the whole country will be able to order Starbucks for delivery through Uber..

5 Flattering Summer Haircuts To Try If You Have A Lot Of Hair

Most people would consider a full head of thick hair a blessing, but figuring out what to do with al..

The Rosé Trend Might Be Over, But Pink Wine Is Far From Dead

"I'm still crazy about rosé," Jasmine, 27, recently told Refinery29. "I love the aroma, the dry semi-sweetness, and how it looks against the sun going down..." Although the rosé trend started gai..

Girl Scout Vs. Oreo: Which Cookie Brand Is Really Number One?

Despite the increasingly wide availability of things like gourmet chocolates and artisanal donuts, we are still a nation of Cookie Monsters. By one measure, the average American eats 19,000 cookies in..

Lip Tattoos & Rhinestone Eyebrows: Inside The Wildest Makeup On Euphoria

Even the least relatable and realistic teen TV shows — Gossip Girl, Riverdale, and Pretty Little Lia..

The Varied Fitness Routine That Keeps J. Lo Looking So Damn Good

There are plenty of reasons to admire Jennifer Lopez. She gave us the song “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” She starred in many of our favorite rom-coms, such as Maid in Manhattan and Monster-in-Law. Now, s..

How To Tell If You’re Wearing The Right Running Shoes For Your Feet

Sometimes a new pair of shoes really can solve all of your problems — at least when it comes to workout sneakers. Shoe comfort matters, especially if you're doing a high-impact activity like runn..

Kate Beckinsale Is Rocking A Blonde Bob For Summer — & It Looks So...

Leo season is almost here, and among the celebrities channeling all that B.L.E (Big Leo Energy) is K..

How Long Is Too Long For A Power Nap?

Have you ever looked at your dog as she napped peacefully in the middle of the afternoon and felt intense jealousy? Unlike dogs and many other animals, humans are generally monophasic, not polyphasic,..