17 Things You Didn’t Know About When Harry Met Sally


In an alternate universe, When Harry Met Sally stars Tom Hanks and Molly Ringwald as Harry and Sally, and the movie ends with them parting ways forever.That doesn't sound right, does it? When Harry Met Sally, which came out 30 years ago on July 11, is one of the most legendary rom-coms of all time. Had chance and the Hollywood fates not gotten involved, though, it could've been a far different movie.In honor of the movie's 30th anniversary, we look back on the behind-the-scenes action that formed the version of When Harry Met Sally we know today. The movie's trivia is nearly as iconic as the movie itself. When Harry Met Sally was very much a group effort. Nora Ephron wrote the script, which she based on Rob Reiner's idea (and partially, his experiences as a divorced man). Stars Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal had input — as did Reiner's mom. Put such creative energy together, and you're going to get more than a few good stories.The more you know, the more you'll love When Harry Met Sally.Begin Slideshow When Harry Met Sally Is More Than That OrgasmAlways Be My Maybe Fixed This Tired Rom-Com TropeHow Ariana Grande Met Mac Miller


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