Every Career Milestone Jennifer Lopez Deserves To Celebrate For Her 50th Birthday


If you ever thought 50 was an age at which a woman thinks she should slow down and enjoy the fruits of her labor, you haven't seen Jennifer Lopez in action lately. She could be relaxing, focusing on her many behind-the-scenes business endeavors, planning her fourth wedding. But no, she is up on the stage working it more than any of us did at 18, and we should expect no less, given what we've seen of J.Lo's career drive for the past three decades.In those decades, Lopez had had a lot of highs: From "Waiting for Tonight" to "Medicine" (her 17th No. 1 dance hit), she has been a staple in the clubs. We still hold a special place in our hearts for The Wedding Planner, not to mention her critically acclaimed roles in Out of Sight and Selena. The stripper revenge flick Hustlers looks to be another promising notch on her belt.AdvertisementThat's not to say it's been smooth sailing since day 1 for Jenny from the Block.When Lopez first auditioned to be a Fly Girl on In Living Color at age 20, she didn't even make the cut. But through movie flops, ignored albums, and failed marriages, she has shown what happens when you power through your losses and move on to the next thing. You wind up being able to celebrate your 50th birthday with a 32-date tour."I try not to think about age," she told Ellen DeGeneres last year. "I go more with how I feel inside, and I feel very youthful and energetic. I feel like I have a lot of energy still."In celebration of that energy, let's look back at J.Lo's career timeline.1 of 15

1991, In Living Color

Another dancer beat Lopez for the one Fly Girl opening on In Living Color in 1990, but she landed a spot the following year.
When she wasn't dancing on TV in the early '90s, she was on stage as a backup dancer for New Kids on the Block and for Janet Jackson.Proof That J.Lo Will Forever Be A Beauty Icon Where To Stream J.Lo's Best Rom-ComsJennifer Lopez Wore This $32 Bodysuit 2 of 15

1995, Money Train

After appearing in the indie film Mi Familia, Lopez got her first big movie role playing a transit cop opposite Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. The movie was panned, and it's basically only talked about these days because of beef between J.Lo and Snipes after she told Movieline magazine that he wouldn't accept her rejection of him.Advertisement3 of 15

1997, Selena

The world truly recognized Lopez as a triple threat when she starred in this biopic as the slain Mexican singer. For the next year, the parts kept coming, including roles in Anaconda, U-Turn, and Out of Sight.4 of 15

1999, On The 6

No doubt, Selena helped Lopez land her music contract. And this album's third single, "Waiting for Tonight," eventually became so popular, people forgot she was an actress. We also have that album to thank for her 2000 appearance at the Grammys, where she wore that legendary green Versace dress. This was the era in which Lopez dated Puff Daddy and became as much a celebrity as an entertainer.5 of 15

2001, The Wedding Planner and J.Lo

J.Lo began her streak as a rom-com queen with this Adam Shankman-directed flick, opposite Matthew McConaughey. Critics hated them, but she couldn't care less. See also: Maid in Manhattan (2002), Shall We Dance? (2004), Monster-in-Law (2005), and The Back-Up Plan (2010). (We'll get to Gigli in a minute.)
At the same time, her second album, J.Lo, debuted at #1 on the charts, and we're still singing along to "Love Don't Cost a Thing" and "I'm Real."6 of 15

2002, This Is Me Then

Here we enter the Bennifer era of Lopez's career, which gave us the gift of "Jenny from the Block" and the dubious sight of Ben Affleck rubbing her famous derrière on a yacht.7 of 15

2003, Gigli

We're also going to just go ahead and blame Affleck for almost single-handedly killing Lopez's acting career with Gigli, the infamous box office flop. Luckily, it didn't actually end up stopping her.Advertisement8 of 15

2005, Monster-in-Law and Rebirth

Nope, we can't name a song off of Lopez' album Rebirth either, and we recoil in horror every time we see Monster-in-Law on TV, but at least the latter made big bucks for Lopez.9 of 15

2007, El Cantante

For some reason, people really don't like seeing Lopez on-screen with real-life loves, so her movie with then-husband Marc Anthony was a dud. The best thing to come out of this era? Her twins Max and Emme, of course.10 of 15

2011, Love? and American Idol

By design, Lopez made her comeback on multiple fronts at once: She debuted as a judge on American Idol and released Love? with single "On the Floor" all in early 2011, and it worked.11 of 15

2015, The Boy Next Door

Lopez had slowed down her movie career for a few years, but focused on it again to play a high school teacher who becomes the object of her teenage next-door neighbor's obsession. Was it an Oscar-worthy performance? Nope. But The Boy Next Door was one of her most successful movies ever.12 of 15

2016, Shades of Blue

Like so many A-list actors in this era of peak TV, Lopez tried her hand at a scripted TV show, too. It's curious that she chose such a traditional network cop show for this experiment, but it did last for three seasons on NBC, so there's that!Advertisement13 of 15

2016, "All I Have" Las Vegas Residency

Like Elvis, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears before her, Lopez discovered the joys of a Vegas residency. Lopez put on a huge show and reminded everyone just how well she could dance. She grossed more than $100 million with 120 shows, the sixth biggest Vegas residency of all time.14 of 15

2018, Second Act

Lopez returned to the rom-com circuit in late 2018 with this workplace comedy/rom-com about a grocery store manager from Queens who accidentally fakes her way into a six-figure marketing gig in Manhattan. It had a decent box office showing and delivered the irresistible on-screen pairing of Milo Ventimiglia and Lopez. Win-win!15 of 15

2019, "It's My Party: The Live Celebration"

Lopez seems to be having a blast on tour, except for that momentary hiccup when the power went out at Madison Square Garden. Will she and Alex Rodriguez take a minute to settle down with their kids when it's all over? Doubtful!Advertisement


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