IT Chapter Two Director Would Remake The Howling


Andres Muschietti and the cast of IT Chapter Two made an appearance at the annual ScareDiego to promote the upcoming sequel. However, things took a turn when the cast and director were asked about remaking any other horror movies. Muschietti did not hesitate and stated he would love to take on Joe Dante's The Howling. Before the Pet Sematary remake became a reality, Muschietti was heavily interested in making that remake, but it didn't work with his busy schedule.

It should be clarified; Andres Muschietti was in no way officially announcing his involvement a remake of The Howling. He was merely responding to a fan's question about remakes. With that being said, he quickly threw The Howling out there and Bill Hader agreed right away. Hader said, "If you remade The Howling, that would be rad." The audience in attendance for ScareDiego had the same thoughts as Hader. "I assume to the chagrin of Stephen King that we should not remake The Shining," said James Ransone, which received a big response from the audience.

Jessica Chastain couldn't really think of anything, but Bill Hader's impression of Andres Muschietti had pretty much taken over by this point in the IT Chapter Two event at ScareDiego. Joe Dante's The Howling could make for a very interesting remake and Muschietti would be the director to take that particular kind of project on, meaning he would pay tribute to the source material while trying to elevate it at the same time. It's quite possible that the director might be approached to direct the remake in the near future, if the studio decides to do it.

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While entertaining the idea of remaking The Howling certainly fun, it does happen to be one of the most iconic 80s horror movies you may not want to mess with. The main focus of the night remained to be about IT Chapter Two. The first installment hit theaters in the fall of 2017 and quickly became the highest grossing R-rated horror movie of all time, while taking down September box office records at the same time. Pressure on the sequel to deliver is at an all-time high at the moment and it is on track to beat the first installment, which will only get higher as the positive reactions to the ScareDiego footage begins to spread.

Andres Muschietti and the cast of IT Chapter Two treated the audience of ScareDiego to three exclusive clips from the highly anticipated sequel, along with the second trailer, which officially drops tomorrow morning. Muschietti still has a lot on his plate when it comes to working on the final details of the sequel and hitting the promotional campaign in the coming months. From there, he could end up working on The Howling remake, if it ends up becoming a reality. As far as that's concerned, we'll just have to wait and see. The news about Andres Muschietti wanting to possibly make The Howling remake was first reported by Deadline.

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