Meet The Cast & Characters Of Netflix’s Latest Space Adventure, Another Life


Netflix's sci-fi show Another Life, out July 25, begins at the moment that the world changes. The aliens land on Earth on a sunny day. Their spacecraft (called an "artifact" in the show) is iridescent and sprawling. They seem to be peaceful, but who really knows? It's impossible to communicate with the aliens — for now.Another Life is about the race for communication, which takes people into labs and into space. At the heart of the mission is one couple, who seemingly have prepared their whole careers for this moment. Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackoff) leaves her husband Erik (Justin Chatwin) and daughter (Lina Renna) to find the aliens' home; Erik works to break the aliens' code à la Arrival.Here's everyone you need to know in Another Life in the galaxy and on the ground.Begin Slideshow All The Disney Movies On Netflix Right NowWhich New Netflix Treats Should You Watch ASAP?What To Watch Next If You Loved Secret Obsession


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