Meet The Cast Of Amazon’s Wild New Superhero Show, The Boys


Supergirl. Jessica Jones. Luke Cage. Heck, even Heroes. Superheroes of all varieties have stormed TV – but they've never resembled the craven, hedonistic crew seen in the wild new Amazon Prime show, The Boys.The Boys, out July 25, is a high-octane thought experiment. What if superheroes were so powerful that, well, they did whatever they wanted? You think it, these heroic celebrities have gotten away with it. Essentially: The superheroes in The Boys are the bad guys, and only a rag-tag international task force called the Boys can take them down.Like most superhero fare, The Boys has origins in a comic book. The 72-comic series is a critique of the very Marvel-laden universe we live in. Here's who stars as the craven "heroes," and whom their character is probably based on.Advertisement1 of 10Billy Butcher
Played By: Karl Urban is one of those actors you just know from somewhere. Is it Lord of the Rings? Is it Star Trek?
Who He Is: One of the Boys, baby! Billy Butcher travels the world taking down superheroes.Pepper Potts Comic Book History Is BadassNoah Centineo Will Finally Play A SuperheroSurprise! Your Fav OC Alum Is In Shazam2 of 10Hughie Campbell
Played By: Jack Quaid made his screen debut as District One's smarmy Marvel in The Hunger Games, and has since gone on to star in Logan Lucky, Rampage, and Vinyl on HBO. Fun fact: He's Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's son.
Who He Is: Hughie is not a superhero. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and is exposed to who they really are. Spoiler: A-Train kills his girlfriend, Robin, and he joins Billy to help him. From there, a whole world opens up.Advertisement3 of 10Hughie's Dad
Played By: Simon Pegg, aka Shaun of Shaun of the Dead.
Who He Is: Poor Hughie! His dad just doesn't get why he's so upset about his girlfriend's dead (seriously).4 of 10The Deep
Played By: Chace Crawford. Looks like playing Nate Archibald Gossip Girl wasn't quite risqué enough for him.
Who He Is: The Deep is a far less regal version of Aquaman. He's part of the Seven, a league of superheroes.5 of 10Queen Maeve
Played By: Dominique McElligott, an Irish actress seen in House of Cards and The Last Tycoon.
Who She Is: Queen Maeve undercuts all the tropes of the "powerful" woman superhero, like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. She is cynical, practical, and just as corrupt as the other boys.6 of 10Homelander
Played By: Anthony Starr, a fitting name for someone with who plays a "patriotic" character.
Who He Is: The world thinks that Homelander is an all-American good guy. He even has a pristine reputation within the Seven. But he, too, is harboring secrets. Imagine if Captain America was self-satisfied and immoral. That's Homelander.7 of 10A-Train
Played By: Jessie T. Usher, who starred in the Starz show Survivor's Remorse.
Who He Is: A-Train is known for traveling at extremely fast speeds — sometimes recklessly so.Advertisement8 of 10Starlight
Played By: Erin Moriarty played a supervillain's victim in Jessica Jones. Now she's a hero.
Who She Is: Starlight is a new recruit to the Seven and is shocked — I repeat, shocked — by their antics.9 of 10Madelyn Stillwell
Played By: Elisabeth Shue as you've never seen her before.
Who She Is: Someone has to be monitoring (and condoning) the Seven's behavior, right? That's Madelyn Stillwell, the Senior VP of Hero Management at Vought, a superhero management company.10 of 10The Female
Played By: Karen Fukuhara went from Suicide Squad, which was definitely an unconventional superhero movie, to the most unconventional superhero TV show ever.
Who He Is: The Female is the most ruthless member of the Boys.Advertisement


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