The First Look At Mindhunter Season 2 Takes You Inside The Minds Of (Even More) Serial Killers


Enough fun in the sun — season 2 of Mindhunter is on its way to cast a shadow over your summertime antics. The hit Netflix show about the first serial killer investigations gave a haunting look at the behind-the-scenes process that went into finding some of the world's most notorious killers, and that search is only going to intensify in season 2, when Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) grapples with the Atlanta Child Murders that took place between 1979 and 1981.However, it's clear from these first photos that's not the only terrifying experience we'll be witnessing this season. There were many hints dropped in season 1 of Mindhunter about Dennis, the ADT Security employee, who we can assume is BTK Killer Dennis Rader. He makes an appearance in this photos, suggesting that his storyline will continue alongside Holden's investigation into the Atlanta Murders. It's probably safe to expect a few other unidentified serial killers will be showing up, but they will just have to haunt your nightmares until the season drops on August 16 (when, I can only assume, brand new nightmares will arrive).AdvertisementAhead, take a look at some of the first stills from the second season of Mindhunter, and see if you can already start piecing together the clues of this mystery.1 of 8Maybe this woman just spotted a particularly big spider in her bathroom? A spider that…tied a rope to the doorknob?How Mindhunter Syncs Up With The Ted Bundy TapesNew Ed Kemper Docuseries Is Intense Season 2 Of Mindhunter Gets New Blood2 of 8Holden and Bill (Holt McCallany) are putting together a timeline that includes a series of letters, phone calls, and a package that all link to the growing number of missing boys in Atlanta.Advertisement3 of 8There's a lot of cross imagery in these photos, but this chalk outline of what appears to be a child on a cross just took things from creepy to terrifying.4 of 8"Dear sir," the letter Holden has reads. "We are an organization composed of 7 members. I'm writing this letter to inform you that we have one of your [UNCLEAR] women captive." It is titled "THE FORCES OF EVIL (F.O.E.)."
The man seated across Holden is likely Wayne Williams.5 of 8And here's the BTK Killer Dennis Rader holding what appears to be a shovel and looking at the ground. Ominous.6 of 8Our good friend Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton) has returned, and he's giving Holden more disturbing advice while seated under a cross.7 of 8Here's a look at all the children who are missing in the Atlanta Child Murders. It also looks like Holden has a new member to his team.8 of 8This powerful image gives a look at the community targeted by the murderer. Their badges say "STOP."Advertisement


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