11 Reusable Toiletry Bottles That Make Traveling Suck Less


As if modern travel wasn't enough of a soul-crushing time suck, the 3 oz. liquid requirements make it a moisture-sucking one, too. Even if you fork over the $50 fee to check your favorite skin-care products in your carry-on, you'll still have to last through three long hours in a pressurized cabin without your jumbo face mist and hydrating serum — and nobody needs that.But what if you could have the best of both worlds by transferring all your favorite products into easy-to-carry, reusable, TSA-approved bottles? Not only are they cheaper than travel-sized bottles in the long run, but they're also better for the environment because they cut down on unnecessary packaging. We've rounded up some of the best options — from jars and tubes to portable misters and even fragrance decanters — ahead.AdvertisementAt Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.1 of 11

Hoocozi 4-Pc Travel Bottles Set

Sure, these pastel bottles look great in an Instagram flat-lay, but their function goes far beyond that: They're also leak-proof, space-saving, and let you squeeze your lotions and moisturizers to the very last drop. One caveat: some ingredients (including salicylic acid and Argan oil) might not play well with the silicone packaging. PreviousINFOHoocozi 4-pc Space-saving Travel Bottles Set$7.99BUY Next7 Eco-Friendly Toiletries For Your Next Trip7 Cute Toiletry Bags You'll Want TSA To See 11 Travel Face Masks That Won't Scare Passengers2 of 11

Infinity Jars 30 ml Glass Push Pump Bottle

If you're not willing to leave your acne treatments at home — or run the risk of ruining any of your skin-care actives, like vitamin C — snag this airtight, UV-shielding glass pump. PreviousINFOInfinity Jars30 Ml Glass Push Pump Bottle$15.00BUY NextAdvertisement3 of 11

The Vitamin Shoppe Glass Bottle with Dropper

Not willing to part with your pipette? This glass bottle makes transferring serums easy. PreviousINFOThe Vitamin ShoppeGlass Bottle With Dropper$1.99BUY Next4 of 11

Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle 3-Pack

These sleek black pouches are a favorite among frequent flyers. The waterproof fabric allows you to transport it straight from suitcase to shower, and even has a hook to hang in your hotel bathroom for easy access. PreviousINFOMatadorFlatpak Toiletry Bottle 3-pack$34.99BUY Next5 of 11

Barnes & Noble Jetsetter Silicone Travel Bottles

If the jet lag has you mixing up your face wash and shampoo in the morning, these soft silicone containers are the answer. Not only are they color-coordinated, but they also feature a tiny window to double-check that you have the right product before you squeeze. PreviousINFOBarnes & NobleJetsetter Silicone Travel Bottles$11.95$8.36BUY Next6 of 11

Sephora Collection Take Me Away Travel Jar Set

Just because you're going on vacation doesn't mean you have to take a vacation from your La Mer face cream. This set comes with three clear jars and a spatula for easy packing. Just keep in mind that some actives – like retinol and vitamin C — break down when exposed to light, so it's important to read the labels before you make the swap. PreviousINFOSephora CollectionTake Me Away Travel Jar Set$8.00BUY Next7 of 11

Humangear GoToob

If you're stressed about spilling your serum on your new Solid Striped swimsuit, these have a lock cap for extra security. PreviousINFOHumangearGotoob – Pack Of 3$27.49$19.97BUY NextAdvertisement8 of 11

Nashone Portable Travel Bottles Set

More of an 11-step skin-care person? Transfer the whole shebang to this 5-star-reviewed Amazon collection. Even better: The packaging is food-grade, so you can use it for salad dressings or sauces when you're back from vacation. PreviousINFONashonePortable Travel Bottles Set$18.98$10.89BUY Next9 of 11

Ulta Beauty Beauty Smarts Travel Bottle Set

These best-selling containers from Ulta receive rave reviews thanks to their wide caps (for convenient refills) and easy-to-squeeze packaging. Some reviewers loved them enough that they bought more to gift to their travel partners. PreviousINFOUlta BeautyBeauty Smarts Travel Bottle Set$10.00BUY Next10 of 11

Amazon Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Bohemian Rhapsody might help time fly on the plane, but it won't help your dried-out skin from the suffocating cabin air. Now, you can keep your jumbo hydrating face mist on you, thanks to this set of mini bottles (that's also great for hair sprays and serums). PreviousINFOAmazonFine Mist Spray Bottle $11.99$9.99BUY Next11 of 11

Travalo Pure Easy Fill Perfume Spray

There's no need to leave your perfume at home, either. This innovative, refillable container keeps your fragrance from being exposed to the air — something both your seat-mates and you will appreciate. PreviousINFOTravaloPure Easy Fill Perfume Spray $12.99BUY NextAdvertisement


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