9 Kissing Games To Play At Your Next Party


A major benefit to being an adult (despite the downside of having to file taxes) is that you can serve wine at a party without worrying about your parents busting you. But there's one part of our high school parties that we really miss: playing kissing games like spin the bottle.Of course, there's no reason you can't still play them; it just doesn't seem to happen as often. But the thing is, kissing games can be even more fun when wine and hors d'oeuvres are involved. It's nostalgic, and it brings back the suspense that might have been lost when you got your own place and could do these things whenever you wanted. And hey, we think it's never a bad idea to sharpen your kissing skills.AdvertisementHere are nine kissing games to break out at your next party to bring you and your friends back to the best part of high school (but with wine). Check in with your friends to see if they're up for playing, and consider some modifications (like kissing on the cheek) if not everyone is comfortable smooching each other. (Although if they are, this party is about to be a lot of fun.)1 of 9

Spin The Bottle

Spin the bottle is a classic for a reason — it's played by high schoolers and sex party-goers alike. But here's a refresher on the rules: Everyone sits in a circle on the floor, and someone starts by taking an empty bottle (champagne if you're feeling classy) and spins it in the center of the circle. When the bottle stops spinning, the opening of the bottle will point at someone, and the spinner will have to kiss that person. After the kiss has concluded, the person who the bottle landed on takes a turn spinning. And so on.2 of 9

Guess Who?

For this game, one person wears a blindfold, and another party guess kisses them. Then, the blindfolded person has to guess who the kisser was.Advertisement3 of 9

Suck And Blow

This is the kissing game made famous by the movie Clueless, and it's super easy: All you need is one playing card and a group of willing friends. The goal of the game is to pass the playing card around the circle using only your mouths. To do this, the person who starts has to suck in air to hold the card to their lips, and then pass it to the person next to them by blowing it toward their mouth (so it looks like they're kissing). Each person in the circle does this until you get the whole way around. What happens if someone drops the card? Well, that's when the "accidental" kissing comes in.4 of 9

Kissing Questions

Not every kissing game involves actually kissing — sometimes, just talking about how you kiss and like to be kissed is enough to heat things up. This game is simple: Go around the room and have people answer intimate questions about their kissing preferences. If you want to broaden the game, you could include questions about people's sex lives, too.Not sure where to start? Babeland sells an adult party game called Sex Questions, which gets people answering intimate queries like "Describe how you like to kiss."5 of 9

Seven Minutes In Heaven

This one's another classic, and the rules haven't changed. Two people get randomly paired up and enter a closet together, and they can't come out for a full seven minutes. What happens in that time is between them and their god. You can pair people up using the spin-the-bottle technique, or just throw names in a hat — whatever works for you.6 of 9

Truth Or Dare

Many of us have fond (and not-so-fond) memories of this one, and we can assure you that this game will still get your adrenaline pumping. Have the host of the party pick a friend and ask them: "Truth or dare?" If they choose "dare" and you want to see some sucking face, dare your guest to kiss someone else at the party.7 of 9

Body Shots

Break out the tequila, lime, and salt for a round of body shots. Have one person hold a lime in between their teeth and sprinkle some salt on their neck. Then, another person takes a shot of tequila, licks the salt off of the first person's neck, and finishes by biting into the lime held in their mouth.8 of 9

Kissing Contest

This is like an adult version of a staring contest, and you can play it with just your partner or in an open-minded group setting. The rules are simple: Two people make out, and the first one to break away loses. Godspeed.9 of 9

Kissing Dice

There are many varieties of adult dice on the market, but a set of Bijoux Lucky Love Dice is a great option for parties because the dice are customizable. If you're cool with your dinner party transforming into an orgy, place words like "suck" and "penis" on the dice. However, if you want to keep things PG-13, you can stick to words like "kiss" and "lips."Advertisement


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