Looking For A Vacation Romance? Try These Dating Apps


From Grease to Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, summer movies make vacation romances look oh-so-appealing. Who knows, maybe you, too, will end up on a beautiful Greek island with three hot suitors. If you’ve ever been single on vacation, you’ve probably entertained the idea that you’ll end up sitting next to a gorgeous stranger on the airplane, or maybe that you’ll meet an attractive local who can show you all the sights. But in real life, vacation romances rarely fall into our laps. We have to take action — whether that means approaching that cutie at the bar or joining a dating app.AdvertisementYes, dating apps can be a great way to find a date while you’re on vacation. Look for an app that shows you matches who are nearby. You might also want to choose one with a shorter bio section, so you’re not spending valuable beach time filling out a lengthy Q&A. If you’re already on a dating app that fits this description, such as Tinder or Bumble, you don’t have to download a new one for your vacation. You can simply add a line or two in your bio about the length of your stay and what you’re looking for.Get your swiping finger ready and hit download on these apps.1 of 7


Yes, you already know all about Tinder, and you have already downloaded and deleted it twenty times. But keep this in mind: Tinder is incredibly popular all around the world, the bios are short, and you can adjust the settings to show you matches within a few miles of your location.
Around 50 million people worldwide use Tinder — so no matter where you travel, it’s like that some other people will be swiping, too. Tinder also offers a service, Tinder Passport, that lets you change your location in advance of your plans (though you have to pay for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold to access it).Best Dating Apps For Lesbians, Queer, & Bi WomenFind A Kinky Partner With These Dating AppsThe Best Dating Apps For Non-Monogamous Couples2 of 7


Bumble pulls matches near you, and the bios aren’t super-long. What makes Bumble different from other apps is that when a woman and a man swipe on each, the woman has to make the first move — the man isn’t able to message her unless she initiates. If a woman matches with another woman or non-binary person, either person can make the first move. To swipe for friends instead of dates, there’s BumbleBFF.Advertisement3 of 7


Jetzy is an app that lets travelers search for nearby people with common interests. For example, you might message fellow foodies in the area to see if they want to check out that restaurant you saw on Parts Unknown. Jetzy isn’t strictly a dating app, but it can be used as one if you’re clear about what you’re looking for.4 of 7


Hinge is another app that you can use in your home city or on vacation. The app lets you choose three prompts to answer – if you’re using Hinge on vacation, you might want to select a prompt like “I’m looking for…” so you can make it clear that you’re only in town for a limited time.5 of 7


This dating app for LGBTQ+ women, nonbinary folks, and trans men lets you message cuties who are nearby. It also lets you swipe for friendship instead of dates and get info on local LGBTQ+ events.6 of 7


This app lets you message people in your next destination, so you can line up dates before your vacation even begins. This app costs $29.99 per month, so it’s an investment compared to free dating apps.7 of 7

Flip The Trip

This travel app lets you message locals or other travelers to get the detail on the best local bars, restaurants, clubs, and more. You can use the app to ask someone on a date, to hang out as friends, or simply to swap travel tips.Advertisement


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