The Best High Impact Sports Bras


As a woman who is training for a marathon and who has D-cup boobs, I can tell you that running shoes are not my first priority. For me, it’s all about the heavy-duty sports bra. I would rather run barefoot than in a flimsy brassiere. I would take a sock’s worth of blisters over the intolerable feeling of my boobs flopping around like an off-kilter windmill.And so, over the years, I’ve been on a quest for a high-impact sports bra that could contain my run-away breasts. For a long time, I thought it was hopeless. I would buy a size down, and wear two sports bras at a time to keep things in place (and to create a nifty pocket for my phone and keys). It's a good hack, but there are downsides. You have to wash your bras twice as often, and it’s annoying to have to pull two bras on and off when you're covered in sweat.AdvertisementLuckily, there are many companies out there trying to find a solution for bustier women who want to participate in high-impact activities. Here are a few of the best high impact sports bras on the market.1 of 5Koral's sports bras were the first ones I ever encountered that allowed me to run comfortably while only wearing one thing around my chest. They're a little pricier than average, but, in my eyes, it's worth it because it keeps you from bouncing around. PreviousINFOKoralInner Infinity Sports Bra$95.00$64.97BUY NextThese Are The Best Sports Bras On AmazonShould You Try At-Home Microdermabrasion?The 7 Essential Summer Bra Styles2 of 5This bra is good for fast-paced activities, such as running, bootcamp, or those intense Peloton tread classes. The breathable material is sweat-wicking and designed with padded straps that won't dig in while holding you up. PreviousINFOSweaty BettyHigh Intensity Sports Bra$65.00BUY NextAdvertisement3 of 5Although not everyone is a fan of an underwire, this bra is a great option for bustier people because they offer sizing in cups B through J. PreviousINFOPanacheSports$28.00BUY Next4 of 5If you're looking for a bra that's convertible, look no further. This Under Armour pick has clips in the back that help you adjust its fit to your shape. It also has stretchy, baby-soft fabric, and is designed to hold you in for high-impact sports. PreviousINFOUnder ArmourArmour® Eclipse High$54.99BUY Next5 of 5Although this bra is technically classified as "medium support," and does well in high impact situations, such as jogging or HIIT classes. Some reviewers say it's more supportive than you'd expect, and that it offers full coverage. PreviousINFOlululemonEnergy Bra Long Line$58.00BUY NextAdvertisement


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